What is CarMusTy?

CarMusTy is an all in one environment for Typesetting Carnatic music Song Books. It is a one stop solution to edit Carnatic music notation files, generate MIDI files and typeset portable document format books. The advantages of using CarMusTy for typesetting the Carnatic music, as opposed to using any other editing application (such as Word or other music typesetting systems) are numerous as can be observed through the screenshots and features listed below.


  • Generates PDF song books from Carnatic Music song notation and lyrics
  • Automatically generates MIDI files from the Carnatic Music Notation entered in the song book
  • Allows automatic Phonetic Transliteration of song notation and lyrics into Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and more languages...
  • Vast number of customizable options and Templates allow unprecedented levels of control over the notation, page layout, text finesse and more...
  • Integrated PDF-viewer allows on-demand PDF preview within the application itself while editing song notation and lyrics
  • Notation compatibility with C++ CFugue Carnatic music programming API opens new possibilities for advanced research in Carnatic Music